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EBSCO and CEEOL databases.


Historical Institute of Montenegro
Bulevar Revolucije br. 5
81 000 Podgorica

tel/fax: +382 20 241 336
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email : istorijskizapisi@gmail.com




“Istorijski Zapisi / Les Ecrits Historiques” is the oldest scientific journal in Montenegro. It has been published by Historical Institute of Montenegro since 1948, continuing the tradition of the journal “Zapisi” that had been established in 1927 and published between two world wars. The journal is mostly oriented to the papers dealing with all the aspects of the Montenegrin history, as well as with all other persons, events or processes of the wider range of the Balkan, European and global history that had an impact on Montenegro. Although the majority of the papers come from the field of history, the journal is not restricted only to it, meaning that there is a lot of space for the results of sociological, archaeological, philological, economical and other similar researches that have been focused on this part of Europe. The journal is recognized as the excellent display for the papers of the great number of international and regional researchers, dealing with the topics relevant both to their countries and Montenegro as well. The Journal is currently included in two databases – CEEOL (Central Eastern European Library) and EBSCO (Historical Abstracts with Full Text).

“Istorijski Zapisi / Les Ecrits Historiques” were awarded the Order of Merit with a gold star (Orden zasluga za narod sa zlatnom zvijezdom) in 1977 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the publication, for the outstanding contribution in the field of history and historiography.