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Historical Institute of Montenegro
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The current editor

 Dr Radoslav Raspopović

Radoslav Raspopović was born on December 1, 1956 in Pljevlja, where he finished elementary school. He finished high school (gymnasium) in Podgorica in school year 1975/76. He enrolled at the Faculty of Law in Podgorica, where he graduated in 1979.
He completed his postgraduate studies at the Law Faculty in Belgrade, where on March 11, 1987 he defended a master's degree titled: "Termination of the International Legal Continuity of the Montenegrin State." He defended his doctoral dissertation entitled "Diplomacy of Montenegro 1878-1918" on March 7, 1994. Dr Raspopovic worked at the Institute of History of Montenegro from April 21, 1980. He was at first research assistant, then a senior researcher, and then he was elected as scientific associate (September 29, 1994), Senior Research Associate (December 19, 1999), and on May 26, 2005 as a scientific adviser.
The period from 1998 to 2002 was the first period in which Raspopović was editor-in-chief of the leading historical journal in Montenegro "Istorijski zapisi", and then again from the beginning of 2009 to April 2015. The journal has an international editorial office since September 1998, and since 2010 it has been in European databases CEEOL and EBSCO.
Dr Radoslav Raspoović has mostly spent his scientific career at the Historical Institute of Montenegro, in the scientific and research sector. He studied scientific and pedagogical work first, teaching at the Faculty of Law in Podgorica (department of the future faculty of Political Sciences) and Diplomatic Academy, “Gavro Vuković”, teaching the history of diplomacy of Montenegro, and since 2006 at the Faculty of Political Studies.